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The value of clinical psychology services is no longer seen as confined to the treatment of clinical conditions. Recent developments have seen psychology embraced into corporate settings with extensive beneficial outcomes. Many major global corporations and public bodies (Google, Harvard Business School, Transport for London, GlaxoSmithKline, KPMG) have been publicised as incorporating psychological well-being interventions such as Mindfulness into the workplace and leadership programmes.

Research shows that employers who invest in mental health initiatives (such as screening and facilitating health seeking behaviour can expect a five-fold return on that investment; Hilton, 2005; cited in Flaxman et al 2013). 

Costs to companies are not just from sickness absences. In fact, the cost of sickness absence to UK business (£8.4 billion per year) is far less than the costs of reduced productivity due to mental ill health in the workplace (£15.1 billion per year) (Source, Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 2007).

Taylor Awenat Ltd can provide suitably qualified clinicians who have a proven track record working with companies using evidence based, easily accessible psychological interventions.

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Upon being contacted, we can arrange a free of charge, no obligation meeting to explore what goals you are hoping to achieve, and on the basis of this design a package to meet your specific needs. This can be anything from improving workforce well-being, to assisting senior management with goal attainment and interpersonal / team based functioning. 

We will offer a clear pricing outline with no hidden costs.  please contact us for a free of charge, no obligation discussion, either using our contact form or by phone - 07762914580 .