Dr Fairuz Awenat

Chartered & Consultant Clinical Psychologist, B.Sc. (Hons.), Clin.Psy.D., C. Psychol., CSci, AFBPsS.

Dr Fairuz Awenat is the founding director of Taylor-Awenat Specialist Psychological Services. Dr Awenat qualified in 2004 from The University of Manchester and has 13 years (pre and post doctoral) experience working in the NHS. Dr Awenat became a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Adult Psychology Services at The Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal in 2011 where she remains in post alongside her work for Taylor-Awenat Ltd.

Dr Awenat has worked in a variety of settings including:

  • Primary and secondary care mental health services (including her current clinical and managerial position in inpatient care)
  • Forensic settings (Sole provider of psychology at Forest Bank HMP/YOI and expert witness reports provided for the courts in attendance to multiple prisons)
  • Physical health (Psychology lead for medical weight management and Chronic Fatigue Services in addition to general medical and on-call at Salford Royal Foundation Trust)
  • Corporate settings (Provision of psychological assessment and intervention to companies enabling them to thrive interpersonally and professionally using psychological skills).
  • Teaching and Training (Provision of teaching to 2nd and 3rd Year Doctoral trainees and undergraduates at The University of Manchester, Clinicians and non clinicians). Provision of clinical placements to doctoral trainees.

Publications & Papers

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Co- author and project leader of "Psychiatric Diagnosis Explained"; an information leaflet produced by The Division of Clinical Psychology (Sub-section of the British Psychological Society), 2016

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